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A rotating family-oriented ride.

Oldest in operation

Flying Horses

A carousel, also know as a merry-go-round, is a rotating circular flat ride that consists of multiple seats situated around the platform. The seats are mounted on posts and, on many models, move up and down. Typically, the seats are made to look like horses, but they can also be other animals, or even just benches.


In the 1100's, Arabian and Turkish horsemen played a game on horseback. The game was taken very seriously and soon became know as "garosello" by the crusading Italians.

The crusaders brought the game back to Europe where it became a display of horsemanship that the French named "carrousel".

About 300 years ago, a Frenchman got the idea to build a device to train young noblemen in the art of ring-spearing. His device consisted of carved horses and chariots suspended by chains from arms radiating from a centerpole. This was most likely the beginning of the carousel.

By the late 1700's, there were numerous carousels built solely for amusement scattered throughout Europe. They were small and light since they needed to be moved by man, mule, or horsepower.

Eventually, with the invention of steam power, hundreds of carousels were built around the world. Of the more than 4,000 carousels built in America during the "golden age", fewer than 150 exist intact today.



Manufacturer Model Name
The Carousel Works Carousel
Bertazzon Classic Venetian Carousel



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