Detonator: Bombs Away (previously known as Detonator from 2001-2014) is a tower ride at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, England, UK. It was manufactured by Fabbri and is a 'Mega Drop Tower'. It opened in 2001 along with two other 'flat' rides, Vortex and Zodiac It is around 115 ft (35 m) and is not released via a computer. The ride operator at the bottom has a button which he/she can press to make the car go at any time once the car has reached the top. Once released, the car is fired downwards by pneumatics rather than simply falling under gravity, the ride reaches a speed of 46 mph at the base of the drop, giving the impression of weightlessness for riders. For the 2011 season, on-ride photos were added. These were later removed in the 2013 season.

History Edit

In July 2000 Thorpe Park's Wicked Witches Haunt and part of Mr Rabbit's Tropical Travels were destroyed in a fire. Although Mr Rabbit's Tropical Travels was recovered and reopened later in the year Wicked Witches Haunt was destroyed beyond repair. This left a vast open space in the park to which they decided until a later development applied for temporary planning permission for a Fabbri Mega-Drop.

In 2001 Detonator opened as the parks tallest ride at 115 feet in replacement of Wicked Witches Haunt. The ride's success meant the park applied for extended planning permission meaning that to this day the ride remains. In 2007 the ride opened with a new theme tune after the park decided it was no longer plausible to pay royalties for the original soundtrack.

In 2014, Detonator was given a small makeover and an addition to the ride's name "Detonator: Bombs Away" for the new Angry Birds Land that opened in May. The theme tune uses the same track as used in 2001.

Fright Nights Edit

Detonator audio track at Fright Nights: Whilst going up the vertical track, a music box is heard playing, which slows down until a bolt of lightning strikes. Once the rider is at the top, The Director (who runs "Thorpe Park Movie Studios") says "As always, every stunt here at Thorpe Park Movie Studios is safe, except this one". A scream is then heard as the gondola plummets back down to the ground. It used to have a child singing Humpty Dumpty.