Fabbri Group is an Italian amusement rides manufacturer based in Calto. They are known for producing a number staple attractions for both amusement parks and funfairs, such as the Booster and the Kamikaze.

History Edit

Fabbri was founded by Romolo Fabbri in Bergantino, an Italian village which became to home a number of amusement ride producers after World War II. Manufacturing began in 1950 with the Avio (Aeroplane Ride), a ride specifically designed for travelling shows in Italy. Over the following of years, Fabbri would evolve this attraction into the popular Telecombat ride. In the 1970s Romolo's son, Licinio Fabbri, took over direction of the company and expanded sales beyond Italy into the rest of the European continent. The company expanded once again with the founding of FC Fabbri Park Sr in 1990's, with the goal of reaching out to the world market. After years of producing many different rides, the Fabbri Group entered the roller coaster market no later than 1998, with the introduction of a Wacky-Worm type ride. In more recent years, the company has found success in producing large thrill rides such as the Booster, a pendulum ride which has sold over 50 units since 2000. Rather than having one central facility for manufacturing, the Fabbri Group has several facilities that each specialize in their own type of ride, all of which are located in nearby towns.

Notable ride types Edit

The Fabbri Group offers a large selection of rides, ranging small children's rides to large roller coasters. Some of their notable attractions include:

List of roller coasters Edit

As of 2017, Fabbri has built 23 roller coasters around the world.

Name Model Park Country Opened Status Brucomela Wacky Worm Leolandia Italy 1998 Removed
Mirage Rosso Mistral 63 Zoosafari Fasanolandia Italy 2000 Operating
Bruco Mela Wacky Worm Safari Park Italy 2000 Operating
Wallis's Wonderful Wriggling Wirral Wacky Worm Wacky Worm New Brighton Funfair United Kingdom 2004 Operating
Anaconda Mistral 63 Fantasy World Kazakhstan 2005 Operating
Unknown Mistral 63 Nanhu Amusement Park China 2005 Removed
Kålmasken Wacky Worm Halmstad Äventyrsland Sweden 2005 Removed
Take Off Unknown Fantasy World Kazakhstan 2005 Operating
Himalaya Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Adhari Park Bahrain 2006 Operating
Rockin Roller Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Botton's Pleasure Beach United Kingdom 2006 Operating
Spinning Madness Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Zoosafari Fasanolandia Italy 2007 Operating
Screamin' Demon Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Midi Castle Amusement Park United States 2008 Closed
SpaceMouse Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Fiabilandia Italy 2008 Operating
Mad Mouse Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Tosselilla Sweden 2009 Operating
Roof Junior Coaster Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse E-DA Theme Park Taiwan 2010 Operating
Neo's Twister Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Midi PowerLand Finland 2011 Operating
Crazy Coaster

Formerly Ragnarök

Spinning Coaster / Power Mouse Halmstad Äventyrsland

Fun City

Sweden 2012

2007 to 2010

Family Star Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Midi Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Sommerland Syd
Trampolino Familien- und Freizeitpark

United Kingdom 2013


Formula 1 Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Midi Magic Park Land France 2013 Operating
Mad Mouse Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Midi M&Ds Scotland's Theme Park

Bayside Fun Park

United Kingdom 2016


Kung Fu Panda Master Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Gardaland Italy 2016 Operating
Batman Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Midi Tir Prince Family Funfair

Malmö Folkets Park
Malmö Folkets Park

United Kingdom 2017

2009 to 2013
2007 to 2008

Unknown Spinning Mouse / Power Mouse Ankapark Turkey 2018 Under Construction