Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH is a German manufacturer of stationary and transportable amusement rides and roller coasters, located in Münsterhausen, Germany.

History Edit

In 1982 Hubert Gerstlauer, a former employee of the Schwarzkopf GmbH, founded "Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH". With this company, he delivered electric and pneumatic equipment for Schwarzkopf's facilities. After the final bankruptcy of Schwarzkopf in 1992, Gerstlauer acquired part of their production halls and continued the manufacture of amusement rides and roller coasters. The company was renamed "Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH" in March 2007.

Gerstlauer's first individual roller coaster "G'sengte Sau", a Bobsled roller coaster, was built in "Erlebnispark Tripsdrill", an amusement park in Baden-Württemberg. Since 2003 Gerstlauer became popular with their "Euro-Fighter" coaster, which is present in different styles all over Europe and the United States. A speciality of all "Euro-Fighter" coasters is a drop with a "beyond vertical" angle of more than 90 degrees. Another model is their spinning roller coaster in which riders are seated facing each other. Gerstlauer also built trains for several wooden roller coasters, several of which are no longer operating. Examples of these include The Boss at Six Flags St. Louis.