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HUSS Park Attractions is a company which develops and manufactures amusement rides, based in Bremen, Germany. HUSS have designed over 35 different types of amusement rides installed worldwide.


HUSS was founded in 1919 in Bremen and originally made new and replacement parts for ship engines. The company began to create amusement rides in 1969 and since 2006 the company has focussed exclusively on the production of rides. On August 1, 2006, the Bremen district court declared provisional insolvency and an insolvency manager was appointed.[2] Following this, a new company was created, Huss Park Attractions. The new company was created by a group of investors and the Hungarian factory 'Huss Gépgyár Kft'.

Ride TypesEdit

A few of HUSS' rides include the Breakdance, Ranger, Top Spin, Enterprise, Shot 'n' Drop and Frisbee. Breakdance was developed and built in 1985 by HUSS Rides and there are now four variants, of which over 100 have been installed worldwide - 46 of them in Germany.

HUSS also offer a range of "Giant Rides" which are aimed to fill the gap between thrill rides and roller coasters. At one time HUSS was involved with roller coaster development as the Viper at Darien Lake theme park is labelled as a HUSS-Arrow construction.