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An Orbiter is a fairground ride invented by Richard Woolls in 1976.

It has a number of articulated arms radiating from a central rotating vertical axis. Each arm supports a cluster of cars, which are lifted through 90° into the horizontal position once the ride is spinning. At the same time, each cluster of cars rotates around its arm's axis.


  • Orbiters are made by Tivoli, a British company. In the U.S. their representative is Armtech.
  • Orbiters come in at least three different names: Orbiter, Predator, and Typhoon.
  • The Orbiter/Typhoon/Predator arms don't always tilt at the same height (90%).
  • Most Orbiters consist of six arms, and have three cars for each arm with up to two people sitting in each car.
  • There is a metal lap bar that comes down on the car for the restraint.
  • The Extreme version of the Orbiter is called Remix. It is a completely different experience. The extreme variant has much shorter arms, and are a completely different shape to that of the original. The ram joint is located higher up on the arm, meaning at full hydraulic pressure the ride can lift the arms and gondola units through a complete 120 degree angle.
  • In Scotland from 1979 to the early 80s a company called Norson Power made a version of Orbiters called Invaders. The ride was almost identical in looks and motion except that its carriages held three passengers each.
  • Fabbri produced their own version of the ride built by Richard Wools (Tivoli) calling their Orbiter "Hard Rock".
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    Extreme - Orbiter, day

    Extreme version

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