The Disk'O (also known as Skater or Surf's Up) is a type of flat ride manufactured by Zamperla of Italy. The ride is a larger version of a Rockin' Tug, also manufactured by Zamperla.

Ride Edit

On a traditional Disk'O, Mega Disk'O or Disk'O Coaster, riders sit on a circular platform with outward-facing seats. On a Skater or a Skater Coaster, riders sit on a rectangular platform with inwards facing seats. On a Surf's Up, riders stand on a rectangular platform. Regardless of the model, the ride experience is very similar. The platform moves back and forth along a halfpipe track while spinning. A Disk'O Coaster or a Skater Coaster both feature a small hill in the middle of the halfpipe.

Versions Edit

Model name Length Width Height Riders Capacity Description Portable
Skater 21.5 m (71 ft) 11.65 m (38.2 ft) 10.69 m (35.1 ft) 24 600 Small halfpipe with inwards-facing seats. Yes
Disk'O 24.55 m (80.5 ft) 9.68 m (31.8 ft) 10 m (33 ft) 24 600 Small halfpipe with outwards-facing seats. Yes
Surf's Up 29 m (95 ft) 11 m (36 ft) 7.5 m (25 ft) 20 480 Small halfpipe with hill in middle. Guests stand on rectangular platform. Yes
Mega Disk'O 37.5 m (123 ft) 10 m (33 ft) 15.5 m (51 ft) 24 600 Large halfpipe with outwards-facing seats. No
40 1000 No
Skater Coaster 81.5 m (267 ft) 11.3 m (37 ft) 15.5 m (51 ft) 36 500 Large halfpipe with hill in middle. Inwards-facing seats shaped like a skateboard. No
Disk'O Coaster 81.5 m (267 ft) 11.3 m (37 ft) 15.5 m (51 ft) 24 500 Large halfpipe with hill in middle. Outwards-facing seats. No
40 600 No

Installations Edit

Ride name Park Location Model Opened
Unknown Ankapark Turkey Disk'O Coaster 2018
Alba-Tossen BonBon-Land Denmark Disk'O 2004
Avatar Airbender Pleasure Beach Blackpool United Kingdom Mega Disk'O 2011
Buffalo Bill Rodeo Mirabilandia Italy Disk'O Coaster 2016
Ciklón Isla Mágica Spain Disk'O 2005
Coaster Brontosaurus China Dinosaurs Park China Disk'O Coaster 2006
Cosmic Chaos Kennywood United States Mega Disk'O 2007
Crazy Surfer Movie Park Germany Germany Disk'O Coaster 2007
De Grote Golf Plopsaland De Panne Belgium Disk'O Coaster 2013
Discobélix Parc Astérix France Disk'O Coaster 2016
Disk'O Adventuredome United States Disk'O 2007
Disk'O Brean Leisure Park United Kingdom Disk'O 2015
Disk'O Casino Pier United States Disk'O 2007
Disk'O Fantasilandia Chile Disk'O 2005
Disk'O Go Karts Plus United States Disk'O 2006
Disk'O Golf N' Stuff United States Disk'O 2004
Disk'O Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach United Kingdom Disk'O 2004
Disk'O Happy Valley Beijing China Disk'O 2006
Disk'O Happy Valley Chengdu China Disk'O 2006
Disk'O Happy Valley Shanghai China Disk'O Coaster 2009
Disk'O Happy Valley Wuhan China Disk'O 2012
Disk'O Jungleland Indonesia Disk'O
Disk'O Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park United States Disk'O 2005
Disk'O Oaks Amusement Park United States Disk'O 2007
Disk'O OCT East China Disk'O 2010
Disk'O Parc Hanayashiki Japan Disk'O
Disk'O Parque de Diversiones Costa Rica Mega Disk'O 2006
Disk'O Preston Palace Netherlands Disk'O
Disk'O Victory Kingdom China Disk'O 2012
Disk'O Wunderland Kalkar Germany Disk'O 2008
Disk'O Flashback Boogie Ride Wild Waves Theme Park United States Disk'O 2008
Disk'O Magic Enchanted Kingdom Philippines Disk'O 2012
Dizzy Disk Dollywood United States Disk'O 2005
Edge Paultons Park United Kingdom Disk'O Coaster 2009
Electro Spin Luna Park United States Mega Disk'O 2010
Electro Spin Parc du Bocasse France Mega Disk'O 2010
Electro Spin Silver Dollar City United States Mega Disk'O 2006
Giant Redback Aussie World Australia Disk'O 2011
Girabugia Miragica Italy Disk'O Coaster 2009
Goon-E Electric Daisy Carnival Various locations Disk'O 2010
Grand Tournoi Festyland France Mega Disk'O 2010
Gyro Spin Lotte World South Korea Mega Disk'O 2013
HangHai Liseberg Sweden Mega Disk'O 2009
Het DrakenNest Avonturenpark Hellendoorn Netherlands Mega Disk'O 2017
Jurakán Xetulul Guatemala Disk'O 2008
Kobra Chessington World of Adventures United Kingdom Disk'O Coaster 2010
Kong West Midland Safari Park United Kingdom Mega Disk'O 2015
L'Apache Papéa Parc France Mega Disk'O 2015
La Cavalerie Fraispertuis City France Disk'O 2005
La Déferlante Parc Ange Michel France Disk'O 2010
Le Disque du Soleil Le Pal France Disk'O Coaster 2007
Le Grizzli Nigloland France Disk'O Coaster 2006
Le Simoun La Mer De Sable France Disk'O 2016
Mega Disk'O Didi'Land France Mega Disk'O 2013
Mega Disk'O Fantasy Island United States Mega Disk'O 2009
Mega Disk'O Kaeson Youth Park North Korea Mega Disk'O 2010
Mia's Riding Adventure Legoland Florida United States Disk'O 2015
Mia's Riding Adventure Legoland Windsor United Kingdom Mega Disk'O 2015
Moto Disco Jin Jiang Action Park China Disk'O 2006
Moto Disk'O Parque Mundo Aventura (es) Colombia Disk'O 2016
Navigator Flamingo Land United Kingdom Mega Disk'O 2005
Northern Lights Valleyfair United States Skater Coaster 2014
Pipe Scream Cedar Point United States Skater Coaster 2014
Ramba Zamba Adventure Island United Kingdom Disk'O 2004
Rev-O-Lution Lake Compounce United States Mega Disk'O 2011
Revolution 360 Seabreeze United States Disk'O 2010
Shockwave Dreamworld Australia Disk'O Coaster 2011
Skater Canobie Lake Park United States Skater 2005
Spinsanity Six Flags St. Louis United States Mega Disk'O 2017
Surf Dog

Formerly Avatar The Last Air Bender

Kings Island United States Skater Coaster 2006
Surf's Up Fun Spot America United States Surf's Up 2009
Surf's Up Luna Park United States Surf's Up 2010
Surf's Up Minitalia Leolandia Park Italy Surf's Up 2009
Tail Spin Wild Adventures United States Mega Disk'O 2013
Temp'O Dennlys Parc France Mega Disk'O 2012
The Invader Rainbow's End New Zealand Disk'O Coaster 2009
The Mega Vortex Waldameer United States Mega Disk'O 2009
Tifon Parque de Atracciones de Madrid Spain Mega Disk'O 2008
Tiki Twirl

Formerly Survivor: The Ride

California's Great America United States Disk'O Coaster 2006
Trombi Tykkimäki Finland Disk'O 2005
Tyrsky Särkänniemi Finland Disk'O Coaster 2009
UFO Happy Valley Shenzhen China Disk'O 2006
Wave Rider Park at OWA United States Disk'O Coaster 2017